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The Resilience Mantra

I know I have the strength to hold on

I have the strength to keep on going

With whatever life sends my way

It will always pass, I must keep knowing

I am not what people think I am

I am what I believe myself to be

I will not let other people's words or thoughts

Tell me who I am or the me that I see

I am not my dark negative thoughts

My mind tells me all sorts of stories

I will not listen to the dark ones

That do not love or support me

I have so many gifts that are unique to me

I have so much to offer this world today

I don't need to explain who I am to anyone

I know I'm ok it doesn't matter what other people say

Me being me touches the lives of so many others

I am loved, cherished and I always matter

I know that I bring joy just by being me

Even when life's hard, my confidence will not shatter

I will not give up or give in no matter how hard life gets

I have come this far and keep going no matter what

Even when my mind may tell me I'm not strong, I am!

I will always keep going and give it another shot

Every challenge I get through makes me stronger

I keep finding more strength in every one I conquer

No matter the battle in my mind

I always have the answer in me to keep going longer

There is always hope, even when it seems hard to see

No matter how bad I feel now, tomorrow it will change

There is always light just around the next corner

Life never stops changing and never remains the same

I will get through this and I will always find the way

To make it through life, no matter what my mind talks

I will always stand tall, no matter how often I fall

I will always get up, I will always continue to walk

I will keep finding the light no matter how dark life may sometimes feel

I believe in myself and that there is always good in life

I will not let my negative thoughts win or make me lose sight

I will always find my positive and will never give up the fight!

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