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Poems To Empower


Shaken.Moved.Feeling the pressure of pain

The pain of life, and the brutality of the day

The merciless hammer that tries to crush my soul

That tries to beat me and bury me whole

I stand naked, heart and chest wide open

Standing in it's wake, better days my token

The memories of them and the hope of a new day

Make me able to take more, no matter the pain

In moments feeling defeated, and oh so small

Like my soul is on fire and my will is burning in whole

My mind is full of darkness, my heart feels black

But I have come so far, too far to go back

I can take the pain, and I can take the hits

I can take more and more and know it fits

Into the divine plan, that to suffer is to grow

To move past it all, and to somehow know

That no matter how hard life hits me, in my mind it's spoken

"I will not give in and I refuse to be broken!"

The Beauty

Strange blessings from angst

Unusual hope is buffering

The hurt of struggle and the gift of suffering

The answer is never obvious

The gift to me is not there

In the moments that cut deep into my care

My care of my self

The pain makes me hate me

For I cannot yet amongst the confusion see

The beauty not yet apparent

The lesson not clear

For in this moment I'm dominated by fear

My hope shrivels and withers

I want to crawl into a hole

From physical and mental torment there is no console

The pain starts to recede

Once the mind is surpassed

For I now embrace the suffering as a lesson like class

The school of experience

The achievement of hindsight

Clarity of the lesson starts to appear so bright

Adversity of minutes

Fear of this feeling

That when I surpass the pain I will again be reeling

I never saw this coming

I am now in awe

For I never knew myself like this before

I never knew I had this

I never knew the gift

I never saw suffering and knew strength like this

The beginning is new

The story though a variation

Of the lesson to be learned from my suffering's duration

I first curse the affliction

I first resist and ask why?

The answer is never obvious no matter what I try

I have been bitter

I have then been humbled

By this new lesson to be learned once resistance crumbles

I must trust

I must not resist and let go

For once I do the beauty emerges and life begins again to flow.

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