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About Our Counsellor

Joshua Cohen (B.Couns) is an Australian Counselling Association accredited Counsellor and has vast study and depth of experience in counselling and understanding of life's challenges with lived experience in grief, mental and physical health challenges in earlier years and more.

Josh's unique journey in life and experience in various sectors such as in retail, corporate and also counselling people in those sectors, enables him to truly connect with people and provide the understanding, empathy and counselling techniques to help you. 

Josh is client centred and solution focused, meeting clients where they are and is passionate about helping people move beyond what they feel is impacting their quality of life. Josh is warm and considerate in his approach whilst being professional and is very much about helping people to find the way to live their happiest most authentic lives.  

"I am passionate and avid in my education with ongoing professional development in psychology, sociology and personal development. I am here to listen, empathise, understand and help people to move forward in their lives with counselling."

  "I have extensive experience in working with many people in their personal and business lives. I have an ever evolving passion for understanding and with working with people to assist with anxiety, depression, personal issues, family concerns and much more with my clients."   


"My ability allows me to connect with people with genuine empathy, and by taking the time and actively listening to them, helps us to connect, and for me also to best understand your world. By doing this, and working with you on your own personal therapeutic journey, together we can develop and reach the goals that you are wanting to achieve in seeking counselling."

"I feel immensely privileged in sharing the lives of my clients in their counselling journey. I hope to connect with you soon."

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