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Contact, Fees and Appointment Times / Cancellation Policy

Phone : 0403 252 040

Email :



Monday 9am - 7pm

Tuesday 9am - 7pm

Wednesday 10am - 7pm

Thursday 10am -7pm

Saturday By appointment


We are available to respond to appointment related enquiries between the hours of 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

We aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours or our next business day.


Please contact us about payment information and to arrange counselling appointments.

*Pre-Payment is strictly required 48 hours prior to commencement of Face to Face sessions or; 

24 hours prior to Phone/Online sessions to secure your appointment time.*


If pre-payment for the session is not received prior to your applicable appointment time, you will be notified that the appointment will be automatically cancelled. This is to to allow space for other clients waiting for appointments.


We share our Covid Safe rooms with other counsellors also and this is also in accordance with our room use cancellation policy. 


We appreciate your understanding.


Consultation fee is $100 for individual counselling.


Consultation fee for Couples Counselling is $150 with both individuals in attendance.


Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration.


Medicare rebates do not apply.

Please note: We do not offer Crisis Counselling.



Beyond Blue- 1300 22 4626


Lifeline - 13 11 14


Peninsula Health Mental Health Triage - 1300 792 977







Cancellation Policy

Please value our time as we value yours and of other clients by providing a minimum of 48 hours notice for face to face sessions/ 24 hours notice for phone counselling for cancellation of appointments or full consultation fee will apply. 

All pre payments for sessions that are rescheduled within these time frames will be applied to your next scheduled appointment. We do not offer refunds.

Unfortunately, no further appointments can be made until any outstanding cancellation fees are paid. 

For counselling sessions scheduled on a Monday (or in the event of a public holiday) we do require notice by midday on the previous business day.

Consecutively cancelled or missed appointments, appointments cancelled or missed at short notice, or lack of adherence to any of our terms of service including payment for sessions will incur us not being to continue to provide our Counselling services to you. 

The time set aside for your appointment and the preparation for it is set aside just for you. If you do not attend, that time can be also then offered to other clients who require our assistance.

We understand emergencies can occur at times and life happens, though your regular commitment to therapy can determine the success of Counselling. 

Whilst we also understand that therapy can be challenging, commitment is an important part of your Counselling journey. Some of the biggest breakthroughs in Therapy can in fact occur when we don't feel like we want to go! 

We are committed to helping you. However, it is also up to you to help you by being committed to regularly attending appointments promptly.

All our policies are in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly and effectively for all our clients and our practice.

These policies are also in place for you to get the maximum benefit out of your counselling sessions.

We kindly ask that you please take the time to read and ensure you are comfortable with all the policies mentioned on this page before booking an appointment.


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